Tutorial – Wavy Seams

I get more mail about my And Baby Makes Three quilt than any other post I’ve written. Everyone wants to know how I created my blocks without using the templates in the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book.

I’m currently working on a new quilt with free-form log cabin style blocks. I’m utilizing one of the techniques I used to piece my blocks for Brie’s baby quilt. This tutorial will step through how I piece my ‘wavy’ seams.

Once you master the wavy seam you can throw those templates away!

Step 1: I utilized the wavy seam technique to piece each part of this log cabin square. This block was pieced in the order of top, bottom, left side, right side. The following steps will show the addition of one more round of fabric to the block.

Step 2: Cut strips of fabric that will give you enough width to cut a wave and allow for a seam allowance. I cut this strip 3 inches wide. I tend to be a fabric miser and often cut my strips too small! Be generous with your cuts and save your sanity. I’ll attempt to use my own advice more often.

Step 3: Overlay your wavy edge from the block over the strip.

Step 4: Cut the strip to match the width of the piece you’re joining too.

Step 5: Cut the strip fabric using the wavy edge of the adjoining fabric as your cutting line.

Step 6: A look at the pieces after they’re cut. I toss the little tiny guy into the trash.

Step 7: A look at the two pieces just before they are joined.

Step 8: Ta da! Unfortunately these two pieces did not join themselves. This step is a bit tricky. I do not pin my pieces together before sewing. You could but I don’t think it would yield better results and, in fact, might make the task more difficult. I align the edges just before they feed under the presser foot. This takes practice but is not hard. It’s actually fun in a ‘no pins, no hassle’ sort of way. The picture is what your seam looks like after the pieces have been joined. A bit wavy itself. Don’t worry, it will iron flat as soon as you flip the fabric over.

Step 8 in more detail. I decided this step needed more pictures. The following is a pictorial of sewing a wavy seam from start to finish:

Step 9: Finished block. This is the block with all 4 sides sewn in place. I have also squared the edges of my block to a final dimension of 15 1/2 inches x 15 1/2 inches.

Happy Wavy Seaming!