Tutorial – How to Bury a Knot

My recent foray into hand quilting introduced me to a new technique for burying knots. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my finish work. I’ve never liked taking a backstitch and creating a loop when I embroider or attach something to a softie. That little evidence of the knot stays right there on top of the fabric. Here’s a pictorial of how to do it:

The softie in the pictures is Archie from Hillary Lang’s wonderful pattern collection. Her patterns are for sale in the Wee Wonderfuls’ shop.

Step 1: View of thread at the end of an embroidery line.

Step 2: Begin to loop the thread once around the needle.

Step 3: Finish looping thread around the needle.

Step 4: Begin holding the thread in place in order to make the knot.

Step 5: Pull the needle through the loop, keep holding that thread in place (think french knot).

Step 6: A little knot is formed approximately 3/8 inch from where your thread originally came up.

Step 7: Getting read to stick the needle just past where the last stitch was.

Step 8: Needle goes into fabric.

Step 9: Needle has come out a good distance from where it went in. No picture of the actual needle, the long piece of thread is coming out of the hole though.

Step 10: Time to do a little yanking. Pull the loose thread end until the knot ‘pops’ under the fabric.

Step 11: Knot has successfully been pulled beneath the surface of the fabric.

Step 12: Clip that thread end close to the surface. It will disappear back under the surface.

Step 13: No evidence of tying off on the surface of the softie. Yipppeee!