Adrianne, Congratulations ! How exciting for you. I …

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Comment on Passing the Torch by Debra H.

Adrianne, Congratulations ! How exciting for you. I have loved Pink Chalk Fabrics/Studio since I made my first Mail Sack bag and meet Kathy back in 2008. Looking forward to reading the blog and shopping with Pink Chalk again.

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Highlight: Kona Color of the Year
Yellow….well it isn’t something I generally work with…although I do have a special 9 year old girl in my life that enjoys it immensely…and thus I have worked with Yellow for her. I wouldn’t mind seeing the “Highlight” but I am not running out to get it. lol. Well it is always fun to see what other people will create with it !

A New Year
it is great to see this post from you. Karen, Robin and I were just having our first “sewing day” of 2015 this past Saturday. We were thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. We all said “I miss her”. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Smiles, love and hugs from some of your Canadian friends.

Where I Sew – April Rhodes
I love your comment about “my house is generally messy because making things in more fun than cleaning.” This is a statement that also applies to my house and my way of thinking ! however your sewing studio is far more tidy and organized than mine. Happy Sewing !

Where I Sew – Christine of ChrisW Designs
I love the bright colored shelves…and the choice of sewing machines !

What We’re Making! Mail Sack by Pink Chalk Studio
The instructions for installing the Zipper are FANTASTIC ! Love The Mail Sack bag! and always love to see the different fabric that people choose to use.