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Over the weekend I added a new feature to the shop… a virtual color wall. Now you can browse by color. Some of you clever people have already found this already! It’s a color wall, but online, which means you can shop in your pj’s after the kids go to bed. Or is that just me?



This is my favorite way to shop for fabric online. It works if you are starting with a specific color palette in mind and it works if you are looking for additional prints to go with something you already have. I have been a fabric shopper, collector, obsessor? for a long time and I feel like I know the variety of prints that are available pretty well. I still find new fabric when shopping by color that I hadn’t considered yet. There is something about seeing a bunch of prints in one color that makes it easy to pick favorites. You cannot go wrong by choosing fabric that you love.



The color wall can be found in two places in the store: along the top menu and in the menu on the left-hand side of the page. In either menu, click on “fabric” and then “color” to go directly to the color wall. We are constantly adding more fabrics as they arrive in the warehouse. For some reason, there is an absence of blue-violet prints at the moment. Designers, are you listening?

Another fun way to use the color wall is to create a mood board on Pinterest, then shop by color, and pin the prints you like. When you are done you have a great collection of fabrics in a beautiful palette all ready for your your next project.


Here is a sample that I made tonight using the pink, green, blue-green, yellow-orange and gray/black sections of the color wall. Fun, right??

Up next, I’m working on shopping by theme! Dots, stripes, floral, animals, geometrics, organic, etc… should be fun.

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