I’ve used a super-bright yellow paired with light and dark …

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I’ve used a super-bright yellow paired with light and dark tan and it worked really well. I am enjoying seeing all the other variations folks are coming up with. I really like your first mosaic, based on your daughter’s PJs….I think the navy is a winner with this one!
The Pantone colours …. nope. I just can’t get into them. They remind me of nail polish colours from the 80s. Shudder.
It’s so lovely to see Pink Chalk back again. I really loved Kathy’s work and was delighted to see someone take reins. I’m sure Pink Chalk v2.0 will be just as wonderful.

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A New Year
Kathy, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your father.
I have been wondering how you’ve been going since your decision to close the fabric arm of your store (I’ve sent many of my Australian dollars your way in the past :-). It can’t be easy making such a big change. I think you’re right to be gentle with yourself for a while before you kick your butt into gear. I love that picture of your sewing room – all that glass and light is just beautiful. Best of luck for 2015 for all your ventures!

What goes with what? Haven by Monaluna
These have completely escaped my radar, what a gorgeous line. I can so see a log cabin quilt (yellow and pink) for my 8 yr old – she’d love it.

Fall Quilt Market 2013 Trend Report
Wowee – after watching that Cotton & Steel vid I challenge anyone not to be exited about it! I can’t wait to see what the girls come up with and love the idea of 5 lines that play well together, something that every quilter dreams of.
I’m also excited about all the solids coming out. I love being able to find that exact, perfect colour I’m looking for. I also love the ‘like solids’ that AMH will have out soon. It’s nice to have a little background interest in there, much like all the cool Alison Glass single colour fabrics.
Thank you for the great tour of Market. Have to get to one of these one day!

What We’re Making! Liberty Top and Knit Cardigan
Thanks Jacqui!

What We’re Making! Liberty Top and Knit Cardigan
Jacqui, this is gorgeous! Did you use the A view pattern but reduce the thickness of the neck band? Can I ask how wide you made yours?