In the midst of the cold gray Seattle winter, I …

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Comment on Highlight: Kona Color of the Year by tfq.

In the midst of the cold gray Seattle winter, I can appreciate how bright that yellow is, but I don’t think I will be buying it. I could maybe work it into a design in really small amounts, but there are other yellows that I like better. (But I do like it better than those Pantone colors!)

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I learned to sew from my mother. She had five children, and there was never a lot of money floating around, but I don’t think that had anything to do with her passion for sewing. She made clothes for herself, clothes for me, curtains, table cloths, pillow covers — her handiwork was all around our house. She had three footlockers that were dedicated to her sewing stuff, and I spent many a happy Saturday afternoon with her at the fabric store, acquiring the contents of those footlockers — patterns, fabric, interfacing, lining material, buttons, zippers, hooks, thread. I don’t even remember how old I was when she first helped me make a garment for myself — I’m guessing around eleven or twelve. Long before that, I would hang around while she was cutting her patterns, and follow her into her sewing room, and ask questions about notches and darts, flat feld seams, fitting sleeves into armholes, and turning waistbands. She totally encouraged my love of fabric, and she taught me not just the skills of sewing but the pleasure of making something with your own hands. I am a quiltmaker and these days I hardly ever make clothes for myself — but my own home is decorated with curtains and pillowcovers and tablecloths that I have made myself — sometimes from the contents of those footlockers, which I inherited when my mom died.