These fabrics are beautiful. I have loved Pink Chalk for …

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These fabrics are beautiful. I have loved Pink Chalk for some time and look forward to what you bring to it, Adrianne!

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Waterfall. Absolutely. I could bathe in it.

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I recently started piecing my quilt backs. Like Melanie, I think of the quilts as reversible. I tend to like the backs because I get tired of the colors on the front, and my backs are usually quite different. Fro example, I made a pinwheel quilt top in pinks, then on the back I used grey with a single row of pink pinwheels. Also, my backs are minimally pieced so they come together very quickly …before I have time to tire of them. 🙂

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I guess I’m most guilty of bizarre color choices. It’s not deliberate. My sister–who has a much better artistic eye than I but got me hooked on quilting nonetheless—often comments, “What an INTERESTING color combination.” 😉

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