We’ve added a manual entry. If you win, we’ll contact …

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Comment on Giveaway: Carkai + Coordinates by Pink Chalk.

We’ve added a manual entry. If you win, we’ll contact you. The entry link should be working now. Anyone else having issues can enter again (the drawing will automatically remove duplicates, so no penalty for voting twice).

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Giveaway: Carkai + Coordinates
The giveaway app is working now. You should see a “thank you” image once the entry is recorded.

Giveaway: Carkai + Coordinates
You can enter above even if you already are on the Newsletter. We want to reward active readers – so must enter to win. 🙂

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Joyful Summer
It may have taken longer to name the bundle than to pull the fabrics. I’m thrilled you like it!! xA

Joyful Summer
Thank you Rachel! I was excited about that print because it had both the coral and the violet.

Joyful Summer
Oh man! You and I together… what fun we would have! : )

What We’re Making! The Hooded Scarf from Jamie Christina
Hi Pamela, thank you for your interest in the Hooded Scarf pattern! This post was originally published in 2013 and we do not have the pattern in stock at this time. You can buy it directly from the designer here: https://jamiechristina.com/products/hooded-scarf-sewing-pattern

Grand Opening
Hi Pat, you might like Netorious in Kerchief White (https://www.ilovefabric.com/products/netorious-in-kerchief-white) OR maybe Pinhead in Ebony (https://www.ilovefabric.com/products/pinhead-in-ebony).

If you would like to see even more white prints, type in “white” in the search box of the shop. I especially love this browsing method when I don’t know exactly which print I want.