Sounds exciting. not sure i knew that you guys …

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sounds exciting. not sure i knew that you guys were transitioning. where exactly are you located physically? michigan? a new year is always exciting. perhaps this is the year that i might try a sew along or something. they’ve been going on for a few years, but i have yet to step on board. i’m just getting my feet wet with the modern quilt guild thing and liking some of what i see. it will be a little difficult to participate fully since the US dollar is so terrible (sort of 1 1/2 times of our canadian looney…) but i do (honestly!) have enough fabric so surely i should go ahead and use it up. this may be the incentive…i need to so do it.

please let me know everything about the upcoming events (and the giveaway!!). i assume i’m already on your mailing list if i received this email.

thanks for the update.


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