I’ve been missing Pink Chalk goodness and am excited to …

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Comment on Passing the Torch by Robin.

I’ve been missing Pink Chalk goodness and am excited to see what the future holds! 🙂

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A New Direction
While I am sad that my favorite online fabric source is closing, I am inspired by your bold decision to stay true to yourself and follow your creative vision. Best wishes as you move in your new direction! 🙂

What We’re Making! Sampler Pin Cushion by Cindy
Oh, my gosh! This is wonderful!!! Sigh… I’m a sucker for a cute pincushion. 🙂

Fall Quilt Market 2012 Trend Report
I mean, I love BOMs anyway– I’m a busy mom, and sometimes it is just plain hard to pull it all together. Having everything already there, ready to go, bit-by-bit is so helpful and motivating– but they have all started to look kind of the same and nothing has caught my eye for awhile. But the peeks at the modern ones you’ve provided– those are exciting!

I just love your market reports and the way you take time to evaluate and explain the trends you see and note how they are relevant (or not) to your business. It’s very refreshing and informative. Thank you!!! 🙂

Geared for Guys by Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies – Book Tour + Giveaway
I definitely want to make a quilt for my husband. This year marks our 10th anniversary… seems like it’s about time I make something special just for him! 🙂

Stitch Lab Pattern Friday – Thimble Blossoms Little Ones
Totally beautiful quilt! I think I need this pattern now. Your Stitch Lab posts are fabulous!