Can’t think of a better torch-bearer for the pink chalk …

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Can’t think of a better torch-bearer for the pink chalk name than you, Adrianne! You will continue the warmth, kindness, and help that was always so great with the fabric store, because that’s just who you are. Can’t wait to see what comes next! Love and hugs!!

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Future Home of Pink Chalk Fabrics
Congratulations, Kathy! I’m so very happy for you! It looks like you will have a lot of great space. Wish I lived closer – even in Washington state – but alas I do not. I’ll just have to continue admiring your blog and store from afar, and maybe do a roadtrip for a warehouse sale at some point! 🙂
You’re a very talented woman (I made your Mail Sack bag and love it!), and I look forward to how you will sew and grow in your new space!

Lucky Cats
Thanks for doing the giveaway, and all the posts on market! Even tho I didn’t win, I loved hearing all the reports and seeing the neato stuff!

Spring Quilt Market 2009 – Blog Giveaway Prize Rundown
Wow, you’ve brought back so many yummilicious things! Thanks for showing and doing the giveaway – even if i’m not one of them, there will be some REALLY LUCKY winners!!

Spring Quilt Market 2009 – Pattern Designers
Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pics from market!! Love all the colors and seeing the faces to names I’ve heard so often. I’m so envious – wish I could go! But alas I am a simple sewer, not a fabric-shop owner. 🙂