Adrianne, this is so exciting! Pink Chalk was always one …

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Comment on Passing the Torch by Cindy-live a colorful life.

Adrianne, this is so exciting! Pink Chalk was always one of my favorites. It is thrilling to see it passed on to you.

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A New Chapter
I’m so happy to read this and to learn more about your journey. After being a customer of Pink Chalk quite a few times, this is what stands out to me the most. I was up in the mountains above Fresno working on a quilt with a deadline. I needed a certain fabric and I emailed you. You must have sensed my desperation because you said you were putting my order at the front of the line and it was there waiting for me when I arrived home and I was able to meet my deadline. I always appreciated your excellent customer service. I wish you the best in your endeavors. Hope to see you at QuiltCon!

A New Direction
Kathy, I wish you the best in this new direction and endeavor. I remember one time I was sewing in a cabin in the mountains and working on a deadline–I needed something ASAP. I called Pink Chalk and you moved me to the beginning of the line. I received my fabric so fast and met the deadline! That is the kind of customer service I always have received. I have felt the passion through the computer lines. Best of luck.

Fall Quilt Market 2013 Trend Report
I really like the trend toward smaller, fewer, and better-curated fabric collections. It has been simply overwhelming, with too many things, looking too similar. I hope this trend continues.

What Goes With What?
Great idea!

Little Bits Quilting Bee by Kathreen Ricketson – Book Review + Giveaway
I’m partial to ALL precuts. Partial to fabric in general, I guess!