So glad to hear from you, Kathy! And very …

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So glad to hear from you, Kathy! And very sorry for your loss. I closed a business a few years ago. Such an emotional thing, but then again such a blessing of a fresh start. Great things for you this year!

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Joyful Summer
Such a pretty bundle and spot on for summer. I especially like the inclusion of the Filigree print. That was one of my favorites from Good Folks. I’m surprised how little appreciation the reprint has earned. Hardly anyone carries it!

A New Direction
Ach, this is both hard to hear and inspiring, as the PP said. I just love your store and your taste in fabrics and everything about Pink Chalk Fabrics as it currently exists. You’ve done such a top notch job as a retailer. I know you’ll do a top notch job at your next phase too, but I’ll miss this phase!

Penny Sampler Quilt Top from Rachel at Stitched in Color
Wow, what a great back! All that improv patchwork turned out so beautifully. Of course I’m a fan of the front as well =) Way to go, Cindy!

What We’re Making! More Penny Sampler by Rachel of Stitched in Color
I spy the car in her Boxed In block. Nice touch, Cindy!

Fall Quilt Market 2013 Trend Report
I so look forward to your report, Kathy. Thanks for doing this! I’m inspired by much of this, but what holds my attention is that collection of solids by DS. And they way it’s laid out graphically doesn’t hurt! It looks like a fun bunch to play with. Also… I see myself making a Butler duster!

One of the most interesting things you noted was the cessation of “modern” terminology use. It’s so fascinating that the cultures’ language adapted so rapidly.

Also, I LOVE The Creative Habit. I’ve now added her other book to my read list!