Peace and joy to you, too. Welcome back – …

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Comment on A New Year by Denise Toomey.

Peace and joy to you, too. Welcome back – – I’ve missed seeing your posts!

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I’ve been wanting to make a banner to hang from my deck on special occasions or to make everyday a special day!

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Love the houses, but I thought I’d see “Little Pink Houses for You and Me!”

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I love the borderless quilts – what an inspiration to finish a UFO. Every once- in- a – while- I challenge the rules and use my mat to measure my fabric! I was get a little worried that the Quilt Police might catch me!!

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It seems that anything goes: there’s every color imagineable, all sorts of patterns and solids – the possibilities are endless!

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You know it’s modern quilting when you over hear someone say – “Wow, I thought quilts were old-fashioned, but I would love to have that quilt!”