Hi Kathy, I hope your new adventure is full of …

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Hi Kathy, I hope your new adventure is full of fun and is exactly what your looking for.I only hope the best for you and we’ll stay in touch. Your cousin

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Hi Kathy, I’m a big time knitter and also love to crochet. My step-son and wife are having their first baby boy and I want to crochet a easy and guiet baby afghan. Do you have any idea’s for me. Thanks Valerie

How is your mom and dad. Did you go home this summer or did they come here like last summer. Val;)

Ready for Anything
Hello, I also loved that quote and agree with Aunt Mary. Valerie

Christmas Snow
Hi Kathy, I loved the pictures of your daughter playing in the snow and wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday. Say hi to your mom and dad. Love Val
Your cousin

School’s Out
It was nice to meet my cousin for the first time and I really like the notepad. Val

Being a Tourist in Seattle
Hi Kathy, this is your cousin Valerie and it was a great time today in Seattle eating at Ivar’s. I enjoyed meeting the girls and seeing my Uncle and Aunt and meeting you for the first time. This is a great and awesome site. Val”)