I’m sure this was a tough decision, but I also …

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Comment on A New Direction by Candy.

I’m sure this was a tough decision, but I also know that your next venture will be as exciting as this one was! You rock!!!

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What We’re Making! Sampler Pin Cushion by Cindy
Oh my gosh, this is just gorgeous! Well done!!!!

I Broke the Blog aka New Server Hiccups
At least you didn’t break the whole internet, LOL! Glad your woes didn’t last long!

Where I Sew Month 2012
Kathy! I loved this feature last year! I love peeking into everybody’s studio, it’s so inspiring!

Spring Quilt Market 2012 Trend Report
You took such awesome pix! I was getting ready to comment on how I loved all of them but the Kona one at the very top was my favorite because of all the fabulous work in it and – voila! One of the awesome quilts is yours! Hooray! My copy of that book is in the mail as we speak – can’t wait to peruse it in person. I do love that more and more folks are using solids – it puts more emphasis on the work of the maker, which I find so incredibly important!

Fat Quarter Tuesday Giveaway – Blue Underground Studios
Those are really lovely quilt patterns! And I love their mission – inspiring!