Wow. what an inspiration. i love that you …

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Comment on A New Direction by shannon.

wow. what an inspiration. i love that you are just going after and doing this. i know it will be fulfilling to you personally and it will do well.

how i would’ve loved to work with you. sounds like my kind of place. 🙂 i have to admit, while i’m thrilled for you, i am going to miss pink chalk fabrics. it truly is my favorite online shop. love the selection, love your service, love everything.

best wishes to you!!! much love and light to you as well.

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A New Chapter
thank you so much for sharing how you have been! i must first admit that i miss your shop a ton. i do. but i am so happy to hear about what you have been doing in the past year and how you have move on and the whole process of it. so curious to hear about what you have on the burner! 🙂 a big hug to you!!! and thank you again for popping up in my e-mail in-box that got me to this post!

A New Year
inspirational to hear about the “risks” you have taken and how you are moving forward. what a time of changes indeed for you…but because you have not let fear lead you, i believe that wonderful things are ready to bloom for you. my best to you and a big hug for all that you have been through. and a big hug for all to come! 🙂

First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli
i’ve sew one quilt and used my walking foot for straight line quilting. for some reason, i’m so intimidated by fmq. i’m thinking that by starting on small projects first, it will give me the boost of confidence and practice i need to work on a quilt. 🙂 also, i love the creative aspect of fmq that can really add character to a project.

Where I Sew 2012 – It’s a Wrap!
kathy, i thoroughly enjoyed this series! since i kind of have to improvise with my sewing space (kitchen table), i love to look at people’s spaces who have designated sewing spaces!!!

i have to say that while i loved peeking at the sewing spaces, what i found myself drawn to in *every* picture was the sewing machines. i was so curious as to what sewing machine these talented folk were using, why they chose it, their opinion about how it sews, etc. i know that this series was a lot of work, but in the future…maybe a sewing machine one??? he he he.

thanks so much for all you share with us! 🙂

Totally Groovy Quilt Along
oh my gosh! when i first saw this quilt a couple months ago i fell in love with it and pinned it instantly!!! it is on my to-do list. thanks soooo much for sharing about the quilt-a-long!!! i think this may just get me moving on it!!! 🙂 thank you!