I admire how you are embracing a new direction for …

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I admire how you are embracing a new direction for your desires and dreams, even if it means leaving behind something so successful. Your courage and faith are inspiring. I wish you all the best in your new journey and have no doubt that you will find great rewards on this next path!

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Bye, Bye Timtex
This was a heart breaker when I found out about it just a bit ago. (I use it to back my very small embroidered art quilts.) I was sure that the ladies in my local quilt shop were wrong. They tried to sell me some Peltex saying it was exactly the same, but I dug in my heels, like a child ready to throw a tantrum! I wanted my Timtex and I wanted it NOW! I left the store downcast, and depressed, only to return a while later. Defeated I bought the Peltex, and while it is not the same, it actually is a pretty good substitute, which really surprised me as it seemed way to thin. And yes, I too have become like Elaine with my small remaining stash of Timtex!