Girl!! You go, do, BE!! We’ll SO miss …

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Girl!! You go, do, BE!! We’ll SO miss you and your online shop, but are supportive of Leaps and Bounds that take you into your Next Phase. As Dr. Michael in the comments, I also appreciate your careful packaging of whatever we bought from you. I buy fabric totally online, and Pink Chalk is 1 of only 2 shops who take great pains with presentation and protection of the product. Thank you! And the Best of Everything to you, can’t wait to see what’s coming next!!

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A New Year
Hi, Kathy! Still missing your fabric store, but pulling for you and your moving on to Other Important Things. 🙂
I saw on your blog that you lost your Dad, and am so sorry. Leaning on your faith, family, and friends – best thing to do. Just wanted you to know that someone else is out here wishing you all the best!!

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Jealous!!! How much fun is that!!