Congratulations and good luck on your journey! …

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Congratulations and good luck on your journey!

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Flying Geese Block Tutorial
Thank you!~

Flying Geese Block Tutorial
Thank you!

For Sale – Pink Chalk Fabrics
I get hundreds of emails everyday and pass by most of them. But this morning, yours was early on the list and I chose to read it. Thank goodness! A friends once sent me a note, “We don’t go through life; we grow through life.” You are growing.
I Have owned a successful interior design business for 31 years and this year, was a stagnant year. For most of it, I was done, worn out, disillusioned, wanted to retire. But something happened last week that inspired me. I bought a Platinum 16 quilting machine! I have to pay for it! I am encouraged to give it one last wonderful year! And then, who knows? Quilting?

Fall Quilt Market 2013 Trend Report
I love the new modern solids and love that anchor quilt. I live in sailing country!

What We’re Making! The Cerisy Skirt by Rachael
Its nice to be able to whip up a new skirt whenever we need one! Or just want a new look! Very cute!