Your shop has always inspired me, and I learned to …

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Comment on A New Direction by Tonya.

Your shop has always inspired me, and I learned to sew from your blog. I can’t tell you the influence you have had on helping me find my creative side. Every feeling you expressed, I have felt in every package I have opened from you. I started following you when you first opened your shop, and I can’t wait to see what you do next. I will surely miss it, but I am sure you will be incredibly successful in your next venture. I hope you will keep writing. Thank you!!!!

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Quilt Market Fall 2010 – Post #2 – Anna Maria Horner, Liza Prior Lucy + Tricia Waddell
I love the videos! First, I didn’t understand the stitch that Liza was describing, but I know I really want to learn it. And, do you know if the baby jacket from AMH is going to be a pattern we can get somewhere? Also, the blouse in the voile with the free skirt pattern was that from the Roundabout dress pattern? I think, yes. I can’t wait for those fabrics to arrive in your shop.

Quilt Market Fall 2010 – Post #1 – Amy Butler + Quilt Market Trends
I always love your posts from quilt market! You do such a fantastic job, I almost feel like I was there. And now with the debut of Pink Chalk TV, I love it!

I am very excited about all the differnt base cloths of fabric in designer patterns. The only drawback is when you find the perfect pattern, but you want it on a different base cloth! But, overall I am super excited to have so many options to pick appropriate fabrics for the project.

The Practical Guide to Patchwork Blog Tour
I think the combination of solid instruction and great inspiration make for a good quilting book.

Halloween Quilt – Third Time’s a Charm
Congratulations! It looks fantastic.

Halloween Quilt – Pieced!
It looks beautiful! Congratulations on completeing the piecing.