Wow, this part of your journey has been an amazing …

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Comment on A New Direction by Lemon Tree Tami.

Wow, this part of your journey has been an amazing ride. On the one hand I’m sad that you’re closing out your inventory but on the other, boy am I excited to see what you have up your sleeve. Congratulations!

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A New Chapter
It’s great to hear that you’re taking time for yourself, to recharge your batteries and get moving on the next phase of your life. I can’t believe that it’s been 10 years since you’ve started your blog. The little cat and strawberry that you made me as part of the Back Tack swap is still sitting on my shelf next to my cutting table. Much has changed in the quilting/sewing industry since then. But I’m sure that your next venture (even though it’s not quilting related) will be awesome and successful. Congrats and good luck!

6th Birthday Celebration – Chalkette Profile – Kathy
Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been six years since you’ve started your lovely online fabric shop. It’s been quite a while since the blog started. I think we both started within a month of each other back when the Back Tack swap was still going on. (My kitty cat is still sitting on my shelf.) Congratulations and keep it up!

Fat Quarter Tuesday Giveaway – Sandi Henderson Secret Garden + Laminated Cotton
It’s been so much fun watching Sandi Henderson’s style evolve from her start as a boutique sewist. Lovely prints!

Right now I’m working on some mini quilts for two little doll beds that I’ve painted. They’ll be presents for two little girls that are dear to my husband and me.

Fat Quarter Tuesday – Central Park Sudoku Quilt Kit by Kate Spain + Dogwood Trail Table Runner Kit by Sentimental Studios
Kits are fantastic … they’re perfect for when you want to make something but don’t want to worry about the design phase of a project. They’re especially great for vacation or retreat sewing.

Quilting Is Murder – The Fun Begins Today!
I used to do the Shop Hop Bunny but it took a lot of time and just didn’t seem worth it after a few times of it. However, this Quilting is Murder looks fun. I signed up, read the first chapter and did all the clues. Yay! Plus it’s nice that the number of shops is a bit more limited – that gives me more opportunity to really study each shop’s catalogs.