April, I’m so jealous of the size of your …

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Comment on Where I Sew – April Rhodes by Lynn Pitzer.

April, I’m so jealous of the size of your creative space!

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Where I Sew – Angela Walters
I envy the size of your space! I will keep dreaming!

Where I Sew – Christine of ChrisW Designs
Love how your cutting area has so much storage!

Where I Sew – Alexia Abegg of Green Bee Design and Patterns
Like you idea for hanging your quilt! I just painted my studio grey, too, and I love it! Such a wonderful backdrop for our quilts!

Where I Sew – Taylor Urban of Taylor Made
Beautiful, natural light! Love how you organize you fabrics!

Where I Sew – Elizabeth Olwen
Just painted my studio grey, and I love it! Prettiest room in the house, and my quilts look great against the grey!