I love how this space has the lived in look! …

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Comment on Where I Sew – Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side by Cherie.

I love how this space has the lived in look! Thank you for being real. It’s awesome!

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Where I Sew – Leanne of She Can Quilt
I love her cart that she has from Ikea. I have one too. And her floors are beautiful. Looks like a well used sewing space.

Where I Sew – April Rhodes
Such a cute space. I love the garments on the wall.

Where I Sew – Tamara Kate
I love the lighting and all of the boxes of fabric next to the sewing machine. What a lovely space!

Where I Sew – Megan Nielsen
I love pegboards. Her space is so orderly and clean. Nice.

Where I Sew – Caroline Hulse of Sew Caroline
I absolutely love this space! The couch, the board, the sewing desk, and the light – it all makes it such a lovely and cheerful space.