So organized and bright! I’d have to move a bunch …

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Comment on Where I Sew – Tamara Kate by Kelly Wilson.

So organized and bright! I’d have to move a bunch of stuff to stage such a photo. But, anyone that knew me would know it wasn’t my real space. Thanks! notwendy gmail

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I have several skirts planned. I also have a stash of felted wool sweaters that I want to use in mittens and a small throw. Thanks! Notwendy gmail

Where I Sew – Heather Jones
Nice large work area with great natural light. But the highlight of the room is your orange pattern weight/seam ripper combo.I collect them too. Thanks! notwendy gmail

Where I Sew – Elizabeth Olwen
Love the great light from the large window and the design wall. but where is your stash?! Shelved or piled? : ) Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks for the look inside. notwendy gmail

Where I Sew – Taylor Urban of Taylor Made
That is a fabulous space. Light and spacious and I see you also have the ubiquitous Expedit. So handy. Thanks! notwendy gmail

Where I Sew – Alexia Abegg of Green Bee Design and Patterns
Love the Expedit bookcase for storage. The vintage sewing machine used as a bookend to the fabrics on top is great. Thanks for the peek. notwendy gmail