Jealous of that machine. And that window light! …

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Comment on Where I Sew – Tamara Kate by Amorette Drexler.

Jealous of that machine. And that window light!

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This is what i find exciting about modern applique- seeing something someone made, being amazed by it, and then wanting to figure out how to do it yourself and make it your own.

Where I Sew – Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side
Now Amy’s looks like a real sewing room would look when it is being worked in! Thanks for the unedited version Amy!

Where I Sew – Caroline Hulse of Sew Caroline
Love the couch. I’d need that after Sep much use of my seam ripper lately!

Where I Sew – Luke Haynes
Great window for light. I like that the space looks lived and worked in!

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An efficient use of space!