What a soothing color on the wall and a nice …

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Comment on Where I Sew – Elizabeth Olwen by Lindsey F.

What a soothing color on the wall and a nice big window. Thanks for sharing.

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I have missed Pink Chalk. Thanks for following your gut and moving forward with Pink Chalk – especially reviving What Goes with What. Best of luck with your new venture.

A New Direction
I will miss my favorite on-line fabric store – particularly the “what goes with what” feature which I often bookmark for future reference. It gives me more confidence when selecting fabrics via the computer screen. I admire you for following your heart. Best of wishes to you!

Where I Sew – Leanne of She Can Quilt
Nice working space and a long arm too! How lucky.

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I like the layout of your workspace.

Where I Sew – Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side
I can tell you love to quilt. Thanks for sharing your space with us.