Love the big space you have. I have a cute, …

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Comment on Where I Sew – Angela Walters by Kathy Davis.

Love the big space you have. I have a cute, cozy 10′ by 10′ sewing room. I have to use my dining room table to work on, which means I drag sewing stuff all over the house. Lucky that I have an understanding husband.

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Where I Sew – Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side
I would love to read and learn from your articles about quilting on your home sewing machine. I am afraid to try.

Where I Sew – Tamara Kate
I love the fabric on your shelves. So bright and happy. My sewing room is dark and uninspiring, but cozy. Love the bright clean look of yours.

Where I Sew – Megan Nielsen
Love the pegboard idea. Gets stuff off the flat surfaces! Great idea, never thought of this for a sewing room.

Where I Sew – Alexia Abegg of Green Bee Design and Patterns
Love the way you have your thread displayed. I don’t have a wall that I could use for that. I have a tiny sewing room.

Where I Sew – Taylor Urban of Taylor Made
Love your shelves! Wish I had room for that. I just have an old wardrobe. It’s cute though!