Looking forward to the “little” spaces!! …

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Comment on Where I Sew Month – 2014 by Cindy Perazzo.

Looking forward to the “little” spaces!!

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Where I Sew – Heather Jones
One of my favorite designers. So nice to see your space!!

Where I Sew – Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness
Love the computer room/sewing room combo!

Fall Quilt Market 2013 Trend Report
Although a quilter at heart my roots go back to sewing my own clothes in junior high when pants were never long enough! I am loving all of the skirt patterns I am seeing and want to try out those knits!!

What We’re Making – Knit Maxi Skirt
Absolutely darling! Shoes too…

Where I Sew – Ellen Luckett Baker of The Long Thread
So light, bright, and NEAT!!