I always enjoy this series. It’s fun to see …

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Comment on Where I Sew Month – 2014 by Christina R..

I always enjoy this series. It’s fun to see where others sew. Thank you!

Recent Comments by Christina R.

Where I Sew – Leanne of She Can Quilt
Love your longarm and studio! Nice space to work in.

Where I Sew – April Rhodes
Pretty studio! Love your garments on the wall, and the open space you have. 🙂

Where I Sew – Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side
You are one busy, crafty lady! Love a messy sewing room, keeps it real! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Where I Sew – Tamara Kate
Beautiful natural light! Love your sewing machine, and the pops of color from your fabric storage. I enjoyed reading about your background from Trinidad. Love that your mom is a crafty lady who shared her passion with her children!

Where I Sew – Megan Nielsen
Love your handy peg board and dress form! Clean studio!