Sizing charts for all ages and choosing the right fabric …

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sizing charts for all ages and choosing the right fabric due to my size 16, Viole isnt for me, neither is a bunch of floral prints. I have several patterns and have made a few things, not that I would wear out, and you couldnt tell which was the front or back. I am tackling some ” drawstring pants ” this weekend, not for PJ but for my trip to Greece, I am short too..

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I wish my fabric would fold, but I play with it to much.. looks lovely

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I love these tours, I dont know why, its like walking down the road and getting a peak into someones window and seeing family eating or playing.. My studio is nice, and right now full of UFO’s.

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CONGRATS..tO LADYINTHREAD.. AND Kathy I have really enjoyed your article in the magazine, Love Patchwork and Quilting. I love this new magazine, it highlights the bloggers so well.

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Fabulous !!! Thank you