I’d like to get better at finishing seams …

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Comment on Essential Sewing Reference Tool by Carla Hegeman Crim – Book Review + Giveaway by Erin Waters.

I’d like to get better at finishing seams

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Fall Quilt Market 2013 Trend Report
I guess I am excited to read that manufacturers are doing small, better curated collections at a slower pace. As a person who loves to sew, the rapid-fire pace that fabric was coming to us made me panicky that if I didn’t buy it now, I’d never have it at my disposal. But then, as I was sure I wanted fabric A, 40 other collections would hit stores. And I’d always hate that there were those one or two prints in a collection that seemed just not to appeal to a wide span of people and they just languished in clearance sections forever.

Stitch Savvy by Deborah Moebes – Book Review + Giveaway
I’d love to learn to make my own piping and sew it in correctly…I love how it looks on pillows and such, but I have no idea where to begin!

Spring Quilt Market 2012 Trend Report
I might be a bit behind, but I think companies are still realizing sewers want to do more than quilt with their lines, so many of them are still trying to release the lines in different fabrics. I wish more would jump on the knits boat though

Sewing MODKID Style by Patty Young – Book Review and Giveaway
I’d love to learn to sew with knits because my kids wear a lot of clothing made from knit and I would love to be able to make those things as well.

Fat Quarter Tuesday Giveaway – Natalie Lymer Woodland + Sarah Fielke St. Ives
I still have 4 gifts I’m finishing up & they’re all quilts…Heaven help me, I hope I finish it all!