Love your work … 9 geranium dresses total made … …

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Comment on Where I Sew – Rae Hoekstra of Made by Rae by darlene.

love your work … 9 geranium dresses total made … great inspiration seeing your clothesline … thanks for showing your studio …

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Easiest Accessory Bags Ever
i think because summer is upon us and time is so streatched, i would plan for a more fall/winter color palet:
aiden linen natural for the bottom — i LOVE that stuff
joel dewberry – deer valley architectural in persimmon for the top front fabric
ab mirtini rust for the interior or, if it doesn’t *go* well, i would repeat the linen for the interior .. (it’s so hard to tell color online)
for the ties i would use three different colors of something like soutache (sp) braid that match the fabric, braided together then threaded through the top.
it’s a darling bag and so functional: to the library, the store, just hangin’ around …. oh, yea, i would made the mid-sized one.

thanks for the opportunity to win the bag and fabric to match …