I really miss table in the picture :-) but yeah, …

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Comment on Where I Sew – Erin Erickson of Dog Under My Desk by Vera.

I really miss table in the picture 🙂 but yeah, whatever works for you. We are all different.

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Where I Sew – Sarah of Cali Faye Collection
Oh wow, I wish I could be so minimalistic. Looks great!

Where I Sew – Latifah Saafir of The Quilt Engineer
The chandelier looks really stylish and it has story behind so why not. Enjoy!

Where I Sew – Rae Hoekstra of Made by Rae
Great space. The U shape your tables created is so practial!

Where I Sew – Kenna Ogg of Madison Cottage Design
The board is great plus I like that you didn’t clean up. It’s just the way it looks in real life.

Where I Sew – Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew
So clean and organized. Love it!