This looks like an art studio. wow! …

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Comment on Where I Sew – Melody Miller by Ashleigh.

This looks like an art studio. wow!

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Where I Sew – Mo Bedell
I can see why you call it your happy place.

Where I Sew – Sonja Gingerich of Ginger Makes
I recognise the turquoise trolley from IKEA – love!

Where I Sew – Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color
I would love a table that big right in the middle of my space – if I am cutting something large I have to trail all my stuff down to the dining room – and then tidy up before I am told off!!

Where I Sew – Ashley Newcomb of Film In The Fridge
I would love to be able to be more central in our house but I’m afraid it is handy being able to go to my sewing room and shut the door on the mess!

Where I Sew – Marisa Anne of Creative Thursday
My dining table often gets drafted into use even though I have a sewing room – it tends to take over the whole house!