Love the colors in this room! :) What …

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Comment on Where I Sew – Melody Miller by Carla G.

Love the colors in this room! 🙂 What a great room! 🙂

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Where I Sew – Bari J. Ackerman
What a great table! I love the shelves underneath it! 🙂

Where I Sew – Alison Glass
I love all the fabric behind glass. 🙂

Where I Sew – Nicole Mallalieu of You Sew Girl
What a fabulous space! Some days I sure wish I had room to spread out. 🙂

Where I Sew – Sarah of Cali Faye Collection
Love the table you sew on & the natural light. But you have to have your fabric somewhere… 🙂

Where I Sew – Latifah Saafir of The Quilt Engineer
It’s great to see the quilt hanging on the wall – making it your sewing space. 🙂