Oh, I have to cleanup so I can post my …

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Comment on Where I Sew Month 2013 by Elizabeth Johnson.

Oh, I have to cleanup so I can post my creative space! I love to see everyones places each year! Thank you for making this happen!

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Welcome back! Happy New Years!

A New Chapter
Glad life is going so well. Sometimes it works out great, sounds like for you and it has done just that. I wish you lots of good fortune! You inspired me for years!

A New Direction
I will miss your wonderful shop! But you always seem to know what you are doing. I would love to continue to follow online classes and learn more about your techniques in quilting and sewing. Maybe pattern testing is in my future! Good luck in your endeavers!

Where I Sew – Jen Hagedorn of Tie Dye Diva
I just love how she can store all her fabrics and just pick on out! Just being so organized would be awesome! Lovely room

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Hi, i am really enjoying this series and appreciate that you have links available to what inspires you! Your doing a great job!