Have you always had a way for people to post …

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Comment on Where I Sew Month 2013 by mailergoat.

Have you always had a way for people to post their own? Such a nice way to gather ideas for the home space!

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What goes with what? Carkai by Carolyn Friedlander
I’m so curious about your approach with the store — looking forward to seeing how you bring it back and keep it vital in this era of online competition! I’m hoping the community of active supporters is well positioned to support it, this time. Best of luck!!

A New Chapter
Thank you for sharing and letting your many, many fans in on your life. Your store was truly something special, and that ‘something’ was clearly you. Thank you.

I know that I always marvel at those people who keep to their passion while making it their business, so I’m sad but not shocked to hear they split ways for you. And happy to hear that your next venture will be along different lines, freeing you to enjoy sewing and creating again, unhindered. Wonderful news for you, if bittersweet for us. 😉

All the best to you in wherever life leads you next. I’ll count myself lucky if I hear of it, but if I don’t, will imagine you doing something wonderfully during the day, and creating for the joy of it in the snips of time alongside.

A New Year
Sorry to hear of your loss, Kathy, and glad to know that you’re keeping the faith. Best wishes as you muddle your way through this transition, and know that we’re all here cheering you on and waiting to learn of the good things that will happen next.

Modern Applique Illusions by Casey York – Book Review + Giveaway
I love that applique is a relatively easy and flexible technique — more inherently suited to words, say, than piecing is. In my mind it’s stuck in the past, when I learned it — I look forward to having that viewpoint expanded by the modern quilting community!

A New Direction
As Rachel said, I’ll miss your wonderful shop and the excitement of seeing a “Pink Chalk Fabrics” return label! Even as I hope that the new venture might bring you this way and we could meet in person. Best of luck to you with what comes next, and I hope to see you soon!