So inspiring! I plan to try this freeing method of …

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Comment on What We’re Making! Improvisational Quilt Top with Denyse Schmidt by Ann.

So inspiring! I plan to try this freeing method of piecing!

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WOW! what a beautiful collection of fabrics! Congrats to you on grabbing the baton! Pink Chalk has been and will be my fav online fabric store! I would ?? To win! ???? Happy New Year from TN!

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You’re an amazing woman full of amazing ideas! We look forward to your next phase with great anticipation! You go girl!

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That is such a cute dress and cutie wearing it! I want to make one for my granddaughters next year!Now off to check out my stash of possibilities! Happy New Year to all of the Pink Chalk lovers!

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So fun and beautiful! what a lovely gift!

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I love seeing Pink Chalk Fabrics! Congrats on the article and thanks for sharing the big news!