Thanks for sharing about this workshop. Sounds like such a …

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Comment on What We’re Making! Improvisational Quilt Top with Denyse Schmidt by Rachel at Stitched in Color.

Thanks for sharing about this workshop. Sounds like such a fun time! I definitely like the blocks you created!

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Joyful Summer
Such a pretty bundle and spot on for summer. I especially like the inclusion of the Filigree print. That was one of my favorites from Good Folks. I’m surprised how little appreciation the reprint has earned. Hardly anyone carries it!

A New Year
So glad to hear from you, Kathy! And very sorry for your loss. I closed a business a few years ago. Such an emotional thing, but then again such a blessing of a fresh start. Great things for you this year!

A New Direction
Ach, this is both hard to hear and inspiring, as the PP said. I just love your store and your taste in fabrics and everything about Pink Chalk Fabrics as it currently exists. You’ve done such a top notch job as a retailer. I know you’ll do a top notch job at your next phase too, but I’ll miss this phase!

Penny Sampler Quilt Top from Rachel at Stitched in Color
Wow, what a great back! All that improv patchwork turned out so beautifully. Of course I’m a fan of the front as well =) Way to go, Cindy!

What We’re Making! More Penny Sampler by Rachel of Stitched in Color
I spy the car in her Boxed In block. Nice touch, Cindy!