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on Sep 17, 2012 in Books | 241 comments

Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts is a teacher, pattern designer, and founder of the Philadelphia chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild. Julie’s motto is “One girl on a mission to make life better with fabric!”. She accomplishes this and more with Skip the Borders, her first book for Martingale.

The theme of the book is borderless quilts, divided into 3 sections: One-Block Quilts, Two-Block Quilts and Outside-The-Block-Quilts. Easy patterns that showcase designs that stand on their own.

Keeping with the theme, binding is integral to showcasing a borderless quilt and Julie dedicates an entire chapter to selecting, making and sewing the binding.

Julie has thrown in a bit of fun to the blog tour by asking each participant to answer some quilting questions themselves. Here goes mine!

Question #1: Do you skip borders on your quilts?

I had to think about this one and in fact pulled up images of my quilts in order to answer. I never realized that I generally skip the border. In fact, I could only identify one quilt that I designed that had a border (Lollipop Forest I Spy Quilt) and I’m not even sure that one qualifies as a traditional border. I also observed that quilts I make from other designer’s pattern also do not have borders. Hmmm… guess I’m a borderless kinda of gal. No wonder I love Julie’s quilts so much!

Question #2: Do you break some quilting rules? What’s the number one rule you break and why?

I often hear this discussion and have to admit I don’t even know what the quilting rules actually are which most likely indicates I must be breaking a few if not a LOT! At the same time, when I first learned to quilt (and when learning a new technique) I pour over traditional quilting technique books. I’m very precise in my piecing and finishing. I enjoy mastering methods that help me achieve that result. In that regard, I follow tradition. If I had to identify one area where I know the quilting police are on my tail is scale, contrast and color. I do not follow any rules related to those subject areas. I totally go by my eye. It knows when it’s right and I leave it at that.

Question #3: Do you use bias or straight of grain binding?

I mostly use straight of grain. It’s a time and no-fuss preference. If the pattern on the fabric lends itself to being cut on the bias I will cut it that way. I love taking a woven check print and turning it 45 degrees!

Thanks Julie for a fabulous first book!


Martingale is giving away an e-book copy of Skip the Borders. Pink Chalk Fabrics is throwing in an Anna Maria Horner Field Study Fat Quarter Set (winner’s choice of color palette). Leave a comment  sharing the quilting rule you most enjoy breaking!


See the entire collection of Jaybird Quilt Patterns and Julie’s new Hex N More Ruler at Pink Chalk Fabrics.


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