How To Machine Bind a Quilt

on Mar 9, 2012 in Quilting | 23 comments

There’s nothing I enjoy more than quietly sitting in my favorite chair with a cup of tea and sewing on a quilt binding by hand. Pure bliss.

But sometimes that binding just needs to get on the quilt… and quick! Machine binding is the way to make that happen and a great technique to add to your quilting skills arsenal. We had a customer contact us yesterday asking for tips on machine binding. Carrie rounded up the following tutorials which are all awesome and each a bit different so you can create a method that suits you best.

AmandaJean from Crazy Mom Quilts has an excellent tutorial using a straight stitch on the quilt front that intentionally misses the binding on the backside. This is how I like to do my machine binding. The comments on her post include lots of excellent tips from other quilters.

Rita from Red Pepper Quilts uses a sew from the top technique that catches the edge of the binding on the quilt back. By stitching in the ditch on the front the stitches are hidden. I would LOVE to be able to perfect this technique. I think I’ll practice with a small project first.

Rachel at Stitched in Color uses a zig zag stitch to attach the binding. It has a very nice finished look while not requiring extreme stitch precision.

Pat Sloan’s blanket stitch machine binding creates a lovely finished look on both sides of the quilt. When I first saw this tutorial I thought ‘oh my, that is VERY clever!’. It’s a great use of the blanket stitch on your sewing machine and allows for a little wiggle room in catching the backside binding edge.

Thank you to all these generous quilters for sharing such fabulous tutorials. Happy Weekend Sewing! xo Kathy