Stitch Lab Pattern Friday – Anna Maria Horner Art Student Tote

on Dec 30, 2011 in Sewing, Stitch Lab | 17 comments

Project: Anna Maria Horner Art Student Tote – Printed Pattern

Dimensions: options A & B – 20″w x 17.5″h x 4″d, C is 13.5″w x 17″h (excluding straps)

Sewist: Kathy

Kathy made the Option C slim tote with divider for her daughter Leil for Christmas. She used Etsuko Furuya’s Echino fabrics on the exterior with a mix of Heather Mulder Peterson Deck the Halls Dots and an Alexander Henry print from her stash for the divider and lining. The small tote measures 13.5″ wide x 17″ tall. The extra tall height accommodates a sketch pad with lots of room to spare.

The front features 2 zipper pockets. The clever construction assembly utilizes self-made fabric strips that overlay the raw edges of the pockets. A nice contrast while the topstitching seams it all together.  The zippers are a breeze to put in.

The divider cleverly creates two separate spaces inside the tote each with their own storage pockets. The pocket slots are designed to store a variety of tools whether they be sewing, art or technology related.

Several tips and thoughts:

– The lining fabric:  the layout instructions show cutting three 14.5″ panels side by side. That adds up to a useable width of fabric of 43.5″. Kathy’s choice of lining fabric was only 41.5″. She opted to cut the two center panels from the Alexander Henry Yui Kokeshi fabric, one of her daughter’s favorites.

– The center divider is designed to be a bit shorter than the exterior sides. When Kathy makes this again she’ll make the center divider at least 3/4 inch shorter than the exterior sides to make topstitching around the exterior top edge easier (the divider was too close at the side edges).

The back of the tote really shows off the beauty of the Echino print. Kathy made a template on graph paper that measured 14.5″ x 18″ (the cut size of the back panel). The template was placed on the fabric to position the designs just the way she wanted.

After making this as a gift, Kathy discovered her 10″ x 15″ laptop fit perfectly inside! The beefy, well attached straps easily support the weight of a computer. She’s planning one for herself soon!