One Yard Wonders Sew Along – Week 46 Finished Projects

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Projects 100 & 101 mark the 46th and final week of our One Yard Wonders Sew Along! Thank you for following us, we enjoy your company.

Week 46 – Project 100
Better-Than-a-Box Pet Bed – designed by Adrienne Lodico page 274

Kathy selected Amy Butler Design Lark Treasure Box Charcoal – Home Decor.

Materials Needed:


Stuffing Stick or similar tool

Kathy’s Tips and Thoughts

  • Trapezoid shapes sewn together create a unique shape for the pillow including the rim around the top – this was a fun technique to learn.
  • Kathy used Home Dec fabric that was 55″ wide, the way the strips are cut you’ll need to make sure you have a useable width of fabric of 42″.
  • Kathy cut strips to the correct width first and then drew the trapezoid shapes.

Week 46  – Project 101

Milo’s Feline-Friendly Tepee  – designed by Patricia Hoskins page 276

Kathy chose Amy Butler Design Lark Chinese Lanterns Citrus – Home Decor.

Materials Needed:

1 package of coordinating 1/2″ double-fold bias tape

large, plastic, snap-in curtain grommets (optional)

four 1/2″ diameter dowels for sides at least 27″ long

four 1/2″ diameter dowels for base 17 1/2″ long

Kathy’s Tips and Thoughts

  • This was a very well designed project that cleverly conceals all raw seam edges using flat felled seam and french seam techniques. The size of the tepee would work well for American Girl Dolls and Beanie Babies too!
  • Kathy substituted willow branches for the dowels on the upper portion of the tepee.
  • In Step 2 the instructions for the flat felled seam say to sew ‘wrong sides facing’ this should be right sides facing. Follow the instructions on Page 16 for the correct sequence.

Walking Off the Job

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