One Yard Wonders Sew Along – Week 44 Projects + Fabrics

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Welcome to Week 44 of the One Yard Wonders Sew Along!

Week 44  – Project 94
Rocket to Dreamland  – designed by Jessica Bandelin page 263

Julia chose Caleb Gray Robot Factory Robot Grid Multi – Organic Cotton and Caleb Gray Robot Factory Ciruit Board Rust – Organic Cotton

Materials Needed:

pattern on sheet 3

Three 9″ x 12″ rectangles of felt

1/4 yard of 1/2″ double-fold bias binding or ribbon in coordinating color

embroidery floss or yarn to match felt colors

1 large bag of Fiberfill

Week 44  – Project 95, 96, 97
Pampered Pooch Walking Set  – designed by Jessica Roberts page 266

Alicia selected Hoodie l’amour de la vie La Tour Eiffel Pink and Free Spirit Designer Solids Pink

Materials Needed:

2 welded or cast 3/4″ or 1″ D-rings

1 welded or cast 3/4″ or 1″ O-rings

2 yards of 1/2″ or 3/4″ polyester ribbon, depending on size of hardware

More Wonder – ful Choices

Rocket to Dreamland

Robert Kaufman Cozy Cotton FLANNEL Dot Marine

Pampered Pooch Walking Set

Etsuko Furuya Echino Fall 2011 Peck Pink

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