Fat Quarter Tuesday – Amy Butler Lark

on Oct 25, 2011 in Weekly Giveaway | 192 comments

Amy Butler’s new collection Lark features an amazing range of colors and eclectic prints. I especially like the inclusion of several designs in a single colorway. They stand on their own and add complexity to the line as a whole.

Amy’s description of Lark from her website:

The spirit of this collection is inspired by one of my favorite style icons, Maxime de la Falaise. Maxime was chic and eccentric, coming from a bohemian family of artists whose unapologetic passion for art and creativity surely shaped her vision for her life. Lark is filled with my fanciful imaginings of what would have been the makings of her artistic world through her love of fashion, print, travel and exotic friendships. Her playful vision combined all of her favorite collections creating an atmosphere of warmth and spontaneity with just the right amount of modern glamour.

Lark’s print combinations have a rich, souvenir feel, lovingly gathered from a life of vivid experience. Glowing colors and velvety combinations of stylized florals are the foundation for perennially chic sewing projects. It’s been a total joy creating this collection and I hope Lark inspires you to bring out your inner design maven!

We have the entire collection in quilting cottons and home decor. The laminates are due next month.

I visited my parents in Missouri last weekend and found several vintage irons to bring home. I also had a note in my checked bag from TSA. Guess they were wondering why I needed 3 non-working irons. For pictures silly! Carrie had a fun time today taking this fabulous series of images that really show off the collection.


This week’s giveaway is for two Fat Quarter sets: Glamour on the left and Dreamer on the right. I like that combination.


I’m headed to Houston on Friday for a quick Quilt Market weekend. My plan is to take pictures with my phone and beam them to the Pink Chalk Fabrics Facebook page real time. Leave a comment telling me what you’d like me to report on. Your wish is my command (after I figure out what iphone app does that!)


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