One Yard Wonders Sew Along – Week 37 Finished Projects

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Welcome to Week 37 of the One Yard Wonders Sew Along!

Week 37 – Project 80
Mitered Square Blankie – designed by Patricia Hoskins page 226

Cindy selected Jennifer Paganelli Poodle Siobhan Blue.

Materials Needed:

27″ x 33″ piece of flannel for receiving blanket

1/4″ sewing-machine presser foot (optional) or masking tape to mark 1/4″ seam allowance on sewing machine face plate

Cindy’s Tips and Thoughts

  • Cindy would recommend pre-washing and then starching the fabric before cutting.   She didn’t pre-wash her fabric and thought it caused a little bit of distortion with all the pressing.
  • Pin, pin, pin!   It’s time consuming but definitely helps line up each stripe.
  • Cindy chose to add a little bit of quilting – stitched in the ditch around each block – to help hold it together when it needs washing.
  • The finished quilt is 18 inches square.

Week 37 – Project 81
Bird Mobile
– designed by Oona Peterson page 228

Pink Chalk Team project. Fabric selection surprise.

Pattern on sheet #3

small amount of fiberfill

small beads or embroidery floss for eyes

1 yard of 1/4″ ribbon

6″ plastic or metal ring

4 yards of 1/4″ ribbon to cover the ring

fabric glue

clear nylon thread or fishing line

1″ plastic or metal ring

Pink Chalk Team Tips and Thoughts

  • The bird mobile is a cute project. Super fun to do as a group! Awesome to see what was selected for fabrics and embellishments.
  • When sewing the gusset to the bird body remember to begin and end stitching 1/4″ from the end of the gusset points.

  • The Pink Chalk Team suggests carefully clipping the seams before turning.
  • Use a knitting needle or a chop stick to help push of the fabric after turning. When turning be careful not to push too far.
  • Have more stuffing on hand than you’d think necessary to stuff it firmly!
  • The Team found sewing the “loop” a bit past center and closer to the head helped the bird to hang more upright.

Meet the Pink Chalk Team

Kathy is the owner and team leader at Pink Chalk Fabrics. She is a pattern designer and a sewist of many things. When she is not quilting she is cooking fabulous dinners for her family.

Jacqui is the solids specialist and a cutter at PCF. She is a garment sewist and even makes her own jeans!

Tracy is a cutter at PCF. She keeps us organized, she is a big fan of little shelves and baskets! At home she has many sewing interests and is involved in 4H.

Cindy is a PCF cutter. She is an amazing quilter and loves spending time with her family.

Melissa also a PCF cutter is the Modern Quilter extraordinaire! Applique, improvisational…just plain amazing!

Diana is Pink Chalk Fabric’s Swiss Army Knife! She does it all. Color matching is her cup of tea. At home she is the beach girl designing and creating jewelry with seaglass.

Alicia is the downloadable pattern girl here at PCF. She selects the beautiful front page fabrics each week. In her real life she is a knitter. The lovely scarf on her bird was knit by Alicia and the yarn was spun by her husband.

Julia is the Pink Chalk member who sends out the mail. In her life outside the shop she is a master gardener and in charge of a local farmer’s market…she is busy!

Janis runs the cutting room at Pink Chalk. She is busy keeping everyone on task and contacting customers. She is a quilter, caregiver and has her own slipcover and alterations business. Like so many of us, she has so many things she likes to sew, there just aren’t enough hours in each day!

Carrie is PCF customer service, social networker, photos and a bit of Blog writing. At home she is passionate about many crafts. Paper, fabric and yarn all play an important part in her everyday life. Like Janis, too many crafts too little time!

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