One Yard Wonders Sew Along – Week 32 Projects + Fabrics

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Welcome to Week 32 of the One Yard Wonders Sew Along!

Week 32 – Project 70
Summer Fun Play Top
– designed by Maggie Bunch page 196

Carrie selected Keiki Oops A Daisy Kaleidoscope Cream.

Materials Needed:

pattern on sheet #2

Three 1/2″ buttons

Week 32 – Project 71
“Twist & Shout”
Twirl Skirt – designed by Maggie Bunch page 199

Janis chose two fabrics, Cary Phillips Floral Folio Medium Stripe Dark Violet and Floral Folio Tonal Dark Violet.

Materials Needed:

1 yard of 1/2″ elastic

1 yard of 1/8″ piping (prepackaged or make your own)

sewing machine zipper foot

Publisher’s Corrections:

“Twist & Shout” Twirl Skirt
Page 199 – 2. Measure, Mark, and Cut

Bias strip (for binding) 2” x 62” *
Bias strip (for piping) 1” x 32” *
*The bias strips will be cut from the remaining middle section of fabric. You will need to piece the strips together in Step 3 to achieve the necessary finished lengths.

More Wonder – ful Choices

Summer Fun Play Top

Josephine Kimberling Just Dandy Daisy Chains Blue Jay

“Twist & Shout” Twirl Skirt

Carina Gardner Pinfeathers Large Floral Blue and Carina Gardner Pinfeathers Baby Peacock Blue

How to participate: One Yard Wonders Sew Along Details

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