Fat Quarter Tuesday – Valori Wells Wrenly + Heather Ross Far Far Away III

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Valori Wells hits it out of the park with her new collection Wrenly. It has something for everyone: Quilting Cottons, Home Decor and Voile. The colors are SPECTACULAR. Valori’s signature artwork combined with vivid, saturated colors.  Look closely – the orange zinnias are on a Khaki background, a lovely surprise detail!

Diana’s grouped the FQ sets into 3 color stacks with solids to match. She likes #1, I like #3. What’s your favorite?

Patterns for the quilts will be arriving shortly.

This week’s winner will receive their choice of a color stack.


A lovely array of projects displayed in the Kokka Quilt Market Booth featuring Far Far Away III by Heather Ross. I took some glamour shots in my backyard this morning (my overgrown weedflower beds cleverly out of view). I had to move the table out into the yard to keep the weeds out of the frame which ended up being a fun way to play with the image. The 7 dwarfs NEEDED that tall fir tree in the background.

I’ve been getting some questions about the base cloth for this collection. It’s a little confusing. The fiber content of all prints is 85% Cotton and 15% Linen. There are five different designs in the collection:

Snow White

The first 3 designs (Snow White, Wildflowers and Clothesline) are printed on what the distributor is calling ‘light weight linen canvas’. If I described it I would drop the ‘canvas’ from that description. It has a beautiful drape with an ever-so-slight body created by the 15% linen. It would make a fabulous skirt or blouse.

The last 2 designs (Guitars and Ponies) are printed on a linen canvas. If you’ve purchased the home decor weight Japanese linens before this is a lighter weight. The home decor weight linen canvas generally is a blend of 55% cotton and 45% linen giving it more heft. With only 15% linen this canvas has the texture and body but not as much weight. If your plan is to make zippered pouches and bags I think these two fabrics would be my preference.

Thoroughly confused? Hopefully not. Both fabrics can be used in a variety of ways. Look back at the first photo and you’ll note how they’ve all been used in the same quilt, for handbags and for clothing. The tote with the guitars and ponies has more structure to it, the bags hanging above it are more fluid and drapey.

This week’s second giveaway is for the 5 piece FQ set in Green. And a note on the names. Many of the Japanese prints have no names. Sometimes they’re lurking along the selvage or on the designer’s website. In this case I don’t think these prints have names so we made them up. There’s currently some discussion around here about whether they’re horsies or ponies!


Last week’s Fat Quarter Tuesday winners:

Lynn (newsletter subscriber) receives her choice of a Noodlehead Downloadable pattern.

Veronica (blog commenter) receives a Suzy Ultman Appleville FQ set.

Congrats and look for an e-mail on Thursday!


How Fat Quarter Tuesday works:

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