One Yard Wonders Sew Along – Week 24 Finished Projects

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Welcome to Week 24 of the One Yard Wonders Sew Along!

Week 24 – Project 54
– designed by Rebecca Yaker page 147

Jacqui selected Moda Grunge Basics Hot Cocoa.
It was hard to decide which Moda Grunge fabric to use.  Basics Brown with a higher contrast of light and dark colors is the fabric of choice.

Materials Needed:

pattern on sheet #2

1 yard of fabric (home-decor weight preferred)

1/2 yard fleece or batting

4 yards of coordinating 5/8″ grosgrain ribbon, cut into eight 18″ pieces

4 yards of 1/4″ elastic

1/2 yard of 3/4 elastic, cut in 2 pieces, each 9″ in length

8 buttons, 1″ or larger

Sewing machine walking foot (optional)

Jacqui’s Tips and Thoughts

  • Fusible fleece was used instead of quilting the fabric.
  • When she tested the sizing of the spats, she decided to overlap the vertical edges to secure a good fit. This eliminated the need for the 4 rows of elastic.
  • Vertical buttonholes  were placed 1 1/8th inch from the edge. The buttons were placed 1 1/8th inch from the opposite edge. To determine the placement of the buttonholes and buttons, test fit with the pants you plan to wear spats with. The buttons Jacqui used were smaller than the 1 inch recommended size so she used 6 instead of 4.
  • For a more decorative look Jacqui decided to break up the elastic under the shoe.  She used the 9 inch length recommended and cut 2 inches off. She folded the 2 inch piece in half, looping a small D-Ring through it and sewed it in place on the outer side of the spat. The remaining 7 inch piece of elastic was sewn in place on the inner side. She put on her shoes to test the fit. After determining how much elastic to take in, she folded that amount over the other side of the D-Ring and sewed it down, leaving the excess elastic showing and .
  • Overall, Jacqui found the pattern well drafted and the instructions well written.

A note from Jacqui. “I think my favorite part of this project was finding the boots to wear my spats with. They were a $10 Goodwill find in like new condition. I already have the supplies ready for my next pair using my alternative fabric choice, the Michael Miller Fabrics Mini Mikes Tiny Gingham Black. This time, I’m using red piping as an accent and I’m making the spats shorter. I see endless combination’s for this pattern not only for fabric choices but in how to add decorative accents, such as mini buckles instead of buttons or with ruffle edges.”

The whole Pink Chalk Team was inspired by the endless possibilities for design details that could be added to the spats! Can’t wait to see more…

Week 24 – Project 55
The Mod Caper – designed by Christine Haynes page 151

Jo chose Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi Triflora Mermaid – VOILE.

Materials Needed:

1 yard of 60″ fabric

1-2 yards of coordinating 1/2″  ribbon

Jo’s Tips and Thoughts

  • The pattern calls for 60″ fabric, but the slightly shorter 54″ voile worked just fine – the only difference is that the cape came out an inch or two shorter.
  • The materials list includes one to two yards of coordinating 1/2 inch ribbon.  There was no mention of the ribbon in the instructions. Ribbon would be a fun substitution for the bias tape tie.
  • Overall, she found the pattern very simple and straightforward, and stuck closely to it with few problems. Binding the neckline was a bit unwieldy, but with pins to hold it in place and some patience, the finished product came out wonderfully.
  • The Cape would be quite useful as a light cover up for prom, formals or weddings. The perfect accent to any little black dress.

Inspired by the ballet studio across the street from us Diana could not resist an alternative look for the cape. A fun addition to any girls dress up box!

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